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about me lol

active and/or semi-recent(ish) "diy" punk and hardcore bands with women and/or queer and/or trans people fronting them/playing a major role in the band. most bands on here have an explicit queer/trans/feminist-positive/anti-oppressive bent but not all!! all information/pictures found on google or from prior knowledge or getting to the gig and talking to people (i yanked most of the band descriptors from various blogs and interviews//sorry//im lazy). if you want me to take a picture/any information down please let me know and i will do so, however none of the pictures or information on this website is mine // i am just reposting what others have posted publicly on the internet// nor am i making any money off of this or trying to police anyones identity or box someone in or blow up anyone's spot or w/e nOR AM TRYING TO IMPLY THAT "FEMALE" "FRONTED" or "queer punk" is a genre (if anything i hope this site proves that u cant judge a bands sound by what the members look like!!! (or anything else about them!!!). i just want as many girls and queers and poc and young people and mostly FREAKS to get into as many sick punk and hardcore bands as possible!!!!!!

note: i am a big gay punk nerd obsessive freak/fan-atic and am very much ripping off killfromtheheart (rip!!) !! this is a website that i would be stoked on seeing and done on a basis of being a better/more complete/inclusive version of those basic tumblr "female fronted punk" lists that had no info and often misgendered people // had a hazy sense of what "punk" and "hardcore" meant lol /// so here i am being bold and being like "everyone except heterosexual cisgender men fronting the band" or something like that and im doing this cuz i love punk and hardcore and have been going to diy punk and hardcore shows in boston/elsewhere for 8 years and was very stoked on a lot of bands that i saw over the years (curmudgeon/peeple watchin'/groke/cerce/etc) and also very bored with a lot of bands i saw... and after 3 or so years of going to macho mosh boy shows i realized that the bands that i were stoked on had women and queer people in them... and that i could relate to their lyrics more and see myself doing what they were doing because they looked like me and scream about shit i care about and can actually relate to...not to say that i dont love lotsa boy hardcore because i do but i see a lot of shit-to-average dude bands following the status quo of punk and getting a lot of hype and i dont care about them and dont wanna give them representation... if u are a queer punk freak and/or feel unrepresented in punk i hope u find a band that speaks to u and relates to u and helps u like a lot of these bands have to me!!!!

if you like a band go to their shows!!//buy their merch!!//sing along at the shows!!//talk to and maybe befriend them!!//book them!!//listen to them//start yr own band!!!!!!!

note: many of these bands feature people of color on vocals and/or poc make up the majority of the band. while i think it's incredibly important/necessary to be mindful of/seek out/support poc-centric bands i feel as a white person its not my place to make up a poc-exclusive list, ya know??

if someone in one of the bands is an abuser/terf or a generally shitty person please lmk and i will remove them from the site. i specifically didnt name certain members of certain bands but included the bands anyway because the band should be known more than an ex member being an abuser imo. its a case by case basis!!

about me: my name is gen (they/them) and i have lived in boston, ma, usa my entire life and i love queer punk more than anything in the world!!! i am teaching myself how to code (and love lists!!) and am manically depressed and have a lot of free time (and spend a looootttt of that time on the internet nerding out over music) so updating this site obsessively is a great past-time ha!



(or talk to me in person) for/with any questions/concerns/submissions/gossip/chit chat/compliments/shit talk/literally whatever I AM OPEN TO CRITICISM/SUGGESTIONS!! THANK U!!!!!!!!!


shout out to kathryn keister from scenic columbus ohio and in many good rock acts for helping me code this shit!

* means i think yr band is really sick

"active" means the band has shows coming up/recently released an album/has recently played a show/has recently posted online/etc

"???" means im unaware of the bands status due to a small internet presence/hasnt released anything recently but hasnt publicly broken up/etc

"inactive" means the band has officially broken up or hasnt played shows/released anything in a "long time"

also this site is not for profit and im not looking for money at all but if any bands wanna send me a demo tape or something feel free ;)

if you think i'm a freak...

you're right!!!