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1. why is/isnt band x up?

a band is up because they play music that i consider to be under the wide umbrella of hardcore and punk rock music, and the vocalist and/or the majority of the band is not a heterosexual cisgender man. also they're "diy", whatever that means... if you know of a band that falls under that category that is not up there are a few reasons why... 1. i dont know about them yet! tell me about them! 2. I know of them and they're on my to-add list. 3. i know about them but think they suuuuuuuuuuuck. 4. they're an active band and have heard some shitty things about them/one of the members and i dont wanna back them. and 5. idk what it is but it isn't punk/hardcore/diy.

note : having a band up doesnt mean i think they're a good/"important" band per se. i think a lot of the bands on here are the best punk bands going currently but i also think a lot of the bands listed fucking honk but they all deserve space on the list lmao

this is not a list of "female fronted" nor "queercore" bands. many of these bands are not fronted by women and/or do not identify as an explicitly queer band.

also if someone in any of the bands listed is like an abuser or a terf or something shitty like that please let me know and i'll remove them. alternatively if i deadname anyone please let me know and i will change it asap...

2. who are you?

my name is gil, i was born and raised in cambridge, mass, usa and i am in my "mid-to late" 20's and have been involved in punk in one way or another since 2010 (be it playing in bands, booking shows, helping friend's bands, making zines, going to shows, etc...). i really love punk and I really love free easily accessible information. i am also a massive nerd and can't seem to keep down a job so i have a lot of free time. i go to a lot of shows. i very rarely have any money. i am very gay. i use they/them pronouns. if u wanna know more, ask ;)

3. what are you trying to do?

many nights i laid in bed and thought to myself, "gee, i'm a fucking gay punk nerdario and i really wish there was a site like killfromtheheart but for current-ish punk bands with women and queer people, oh how i wish someone would make one!"
and then i fucking made one since there wasn't really a website devoted to just that! *who will do it if not me/you?* :O
i wanted a place to organize all my fringe knowledge (since current punk bands and their fanbase have a tendency to not fucking archive anything publicly really/every bit of information i found on here is usually very spread out far across the web and zine and flyer and memory world and its hard to keep track) and want to support the kind of punk i care about (the bands on this site/the people they associate with) and not the shit i don't care about (the vast majority of dude/current hype bands, appeasing men, money). the main purpose of this website is to try and get people to find about new bands, and prove to them that a. "female fronted" nor "queer punk" is not a fucking genre/uniform style as all the bands on this site sound vastly different (but still punk). if you don't like any of them because you "don't like 'female' vocals" or "gay bands" then you don't like punk music and probably resent women/queer people. and b. give a platform (small i know but one nonetheless) for bands that i think are cool and feel not enough people know about // prove that there are more "real" punk bands with women/queers in them besides, like, limp wrist or punch or krimewatch or firewalker or g.l.o.s.s. or, like, insert bad mid 2000's xvx band here (nothing wrong with those bands but dig deeper people lmao). this site is a jump start to digging deeper

4. where did you get all this information? is that my picture?

www.google.com (and asking around/going to shows/buying records/being involved in the scene) and yes it probably is. i'll take anything down if asked but until then...

5. wheres the men??!?!?!?!? do u only like punk music made by women and queer ppl?!?!?

make yr own site ;) also no you can check out some other shit i like here ;)

6. yr site makes me happy/angry/hungry/etc! i wanna tell u about it >:O !!!

feel free to email me about whatever or catch me on the streets, i'm local...

i happily accept any corrections/submissions/want this to be as complete is possible, so any info on any of the bands you wanna give me would be a big help.

7. why does this site look like shit?

i have never coded anything before in my life and wanted to learn how to do so. i still know very, very little but i'm working on it. i also wanted the site to be as simple and easy to navigate as humanly possible, and be super mobile friendly. if you don't like it feel free to make a better looking website than mine :P